Cash on Delivery Regulation

In the various payment methods at checkout it is possible to choose the COD method.

In order to take advantage of the payment on delivery service and counter any incorrect behavior by undisciplined customers , it is essential to be aware of and accept the conditions set out below:

  1. Once the order has been confirmed, you have until the time of shipment to be able to cancel it
  2. Once the order has been shipped, it can only be canceled by paying the shipping costs (outbound, storage and return).
  3. By choosing the method of payment on delivery, the buyer is bound to collect and pay for the goods, the package cannot be refused for any reason.
  4. At the time of purchase, the buyer is required to provide a correct and valid shipping address for delivery.
  5. The buyer is required to indicate his name on the bell, if this is not possible, he is required to indicate the name on the bell in addition to his name (e.g.: francesca rossi c/o giovanni verdi)
  6. In case of absence or malfunction of the bell, it is necessary to notify us in order to be able to indicate it to the courier
  7. The courier is not required to call by telephone before delivery
  8. The courier does not have specific times for delivery and it is not possible to choose a precise time for delivery, so you must be available at home for delivery, we do not recommend cash on delivery if you cannot stay at home.
  9. The courier makes two delivery attempts, the buyer is required to be available for collection of the package within the second attempt, in case of storage due to the recipient's absence, the package will be considered refused.
  10. The courier's movements are tracked with GPS, the courier actually declares what he does. (excuses of the type are not accepted, the courier did not come, etc...)
  11. Our orders are processed within 24/48 working hours, however delays in deliveries or errors by the courier are possible (although rare), these delays are not justifications for any refusal of the package
  12. Failure to deliver due to refusal, incorrect address or unavailability of the customer will result in the charge of shipping costs (outward, storage and return) for a minimum amount of 30.00 euros to be paid by the customer.
  13. In the event of non-payment of the expenses, we will proceed with the forced recovery of the amounts with additional costs and reporting to the authorities for the crime of fraudulent insolvency (Article 641 of the Criminal Code) punishable by 2 years' imprisonment and a 516 euro fine.

By confirming the order, you declare that you have read and accepted these conditions without reservation