Sustainability + Shopping experience


Sustainability and respect for the environment are the issues that are closest to our hearts at Independent Republic.
Did you know that the world produces, consumes and throws away more clothes than ever before and that clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2014, with over 150 billion garments produced each year?
Europeans throw away 2 million tons of fabrics every year.
If real change is to happen, more and more people need to start taking a proactive approach and acting on their own moral values. Small lifestyle changes can change the world.
We at Independent Republic have worked with this in mind from the outset.
We produce and ship from our own Headquartered in Italy , every single order based on the request of our online and offline customers, retailers and boutiques.
Within 24 hours we respond to the request and process each order, without running into waste and accumulations of unsold goods that will remain in our warehouses to then end up in the waste and who knows in which natural corner of the earth, impacting the environment and the lives of the people who inhabit those territories.
We produce our garments with completely non-toxic printing materials and 100% certified organic cotton from our suppliers.
Organic cotton, unlike traditional cotton, is grown without resorting to insecticides, fertilizers or chemical pesticides. This prevents toxic or dangerous substances from being incorporated into the soil, rivers or adjacent lakes, guaranteeing a healthy environment for farmers and their families.
Change cannot remain theory, it must be implemented and promote a circular economy rather than a linear system of production, consumption and waste.
We give it our all.

Shopping Experiences

In a global market where online shopping is an automation, we want to make a difference by making our customers' shopping experience unique and as real as possible.

In addition to providing attentive after-sales assistance, customers can contact us by email or telephone number, receiving advice on products and assistance on their orders or on the size guide.

Transparency and reliability they are our brand values, which are why Trustpilot's guaranteed reviews are visible and real.

Independent Republic takes care of the smallest details of the products, collections and packaging, to make the shopping experience of our users special.

If you need us we are here, visit the contact page to find out the opening hours of our sales office.


To improve your experience with IR we have created the page dedicated to our active promotions, discover them by visiting the page PROMO


We have added several payment methods, including Payments in 3 interest-free installments with Scalapay

The cash on delivery service is active only in Italy.


The Independent Republic team.