Until now I have only communicated through my collections, but I think the time has come to introduce myself and talk to you about this beautiful adventure.
I am Domenico Mazzotta, creator of Independent Republic .
I was born in 1987, and since I was a child I have had this strong attraction for art.
The world of graphic design immediately captivated me and allowed me to tell the world who I am.
3 years ago I left everything and dedicated myself to this project and now I can tell you that
Independent Republic, is truly my "state of mind" where I feel free to express myself and inspire others

Encouraging them to give their best, believe more in themselves and their ideals. Just like I did.
I strongly believe in individual freedom and expression and that everyone has the right to their own "independent republic".
To find mine I had to understand what pushed me to change, and to go " beyond myself ".
You must know that being independent in your life is a path of change . To really want it we need to draw on our personal resources, truly believe in it and also try to push ourselves beyond our limits.
So trust me, whatever your dream is, go and chase it, now!
Because only those who give up are defeated.
Alex Del Piero on the set of Legends, Independent Republic collection
With Alessandro Del Piero?
The collaboration with Alex Del Piero is a very important moment in the history of the brand.
In 2021 we came into contact with him and decided to design and launch a capsule collection together.
Well, sharing a project with my idol, and finding myself on set with him was one of those things I will never forget.
This was perhaps the greatest reward, it was the thing that gave me concrete proof that dreams really can be realized.

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