In the world of sport, every now and then a figure emerges who goes beyond the limits of the game, who becomes a timeless icon and a point of reference for entire generations of fans.

Alessandro Del Piero , the eternal captain of Juventus, is undoubtedly one of those rare individuals who has transcended the role of footballer to become a living symbol of football passion .

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A Star is born – The Debut

Alessandro Del Piero makes his debut

His debut was on 12 September 1993, a day destined to remain etched in the memory of every Juventus fan. Replacing Fabrizio Ravanelli in the 74th minute in a match against Foggia, Del Piero began to chart his own footballing destiny. From that moment on, every touch, every step, would be a piece in the building of his epic career .

The Tokyo Night – Intercontinental Cup 1996

Tokyo, 1996, the Intercontinental Cup against River Plate. The 81st minute, the beating heart of a match that would write history. A corner kick from Di Livio , a shot from Boksic , and the magic of Del Piero in landing that cross-court shot against Bonano, giving Juventus a 1-0 victory. That moment was not just a goal, but a poem in movement, a symphony of emotions with Del Piero in the role of conductor.

The Masterpiece – Del Piero's masterpiece

goal by Del Piero Fiorentina

On 4 December 1994, against Fiorentina, Del Piero scored one of the most epic and beautiful goals of his career. Juventus were two goals down, but the captain took the team by the hand and with some wonderful football he turned the situation around, sealing the 3-2 triumph. That day, Del Piero not only scored a goal, but wrote an indelible page in the history of Italian football.

Berlin Calling – Let's go to Berlin Beppe!

Del Piero world

Berlin, 9 July 2006, the heart of the World Cup. In the 120th minute, in the cauldron of Dortmund's Westfalenstadion, Alex Del Piero transformed into a hero . With an acceleration from his penalty area to the opponent's goal, taking advantage of Gilardino's assist, he put the ball under the top corner. It was a goal that not only gave the pass to the final, but which burned in the hearts of millions of Italian fans.

Standing Ovation – The Bernabeu stands up

Del Piero Standing Ovation Bernabeu

The Bernabeu in 2008, a magical night that made history. Against Real Madrid, Del Piero scored an extraordinary brace, arousing the admiration of even his rivals. Juventus in the hands of Claudio Ranieri lost 2-1 at home in the first leg, where Del Piero always scored with an assist from Amauri, but at Los Blancos' home he scored two goals. In the first half a left-footed shot into the corner and in the second half a perfect free kick, goals that earned him a standing ovation at the time of the substitution in the 90th minute (De Ceglie replaced him). The Standing Ovation at the Bernabeu, reserved for a select few, was the recognition of a timeless talent.

The Last Show – The Last Game

Alessandro Del Piero Last Match

And finally, his last match on May 13, 2012. The captain said goodbye to playing football against Atalanta, also scoring his 290th goal . As he exited in the 57th minute, cheered by fans in tears, the atmosphere was filled with emotion. In that moment, it was not just the end of a match, but the touching farewell to Juventus' greatest captain.

This is The Record Man .

Alessandro Del Piero's journey is a symphony of triumphs and memorable goals. Every step of his career is interwoven with passion, dedication and love for football. And while the pitch was emptied of a champion, the indelible memory of an icon of Italian football remained in the hearts of the fans.

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