The life of Veronica Papa, a young 25-year-old athlete from the Marche region, is an adventure full of ups and downs that have shaped her story of determination, success and resilience in the world of competitive sport .

<<Let's say that my life can be compared to a roller coaster with ups and downs that truly make you shiver.>>

Veronica's journey began with a profound tragedy: at just 18 years old, she lost her boyfriend to a relentless tumor. This experience threw Veronica into a dark period, marked by weight loss and loss of appetite. However, the unexpected lifesaver came from sports .

Sport offered Veronica an escape , a reason to continue living when all seemed lost.

<<Fortunately sport saved me, it gave me a reason to continue living.>>

Her first triumph came when she won the synchro bronze medal at the trampoline youth world cup . That medal was not only a recognition of his talent, but also a huge revenge against life's adversities.

However, fate presented new challenges when injuries and surgeries forced her into a forced break from competition.

The pandemic brought an unexpected change to Veronica's life when she was recruited into the national high-diving team, despite her lack of experience in water sports.

Her story caught the attention of the swimming federation, which wanted to see if she could transform from a gymnast to a professional diver in just two years . A daring goal that, with determination and commitment, Veronica achieved, demonstrating that faith in one's dreams can overcome any obstacle.

The culmination of this extraordinary journey occurred in August 2022, when Veronica wore the blue shirt and participated in the European Championship in Rome . Not only did he participate, but he also helped secure a spectacular team gold medal , helping lead Italy to European champions in high-diving.

Veronica Papa Tuffo

<<Against all odds, I have never stopped believing in my dreams.>>

Her story of triumph and perseverance inspired Veronica to share her experience through the book " To Live and Not to Survive ." A work that tells his story, highlighting the obstacles he had to face and the courage he showed in overcoming them.

However, life once again presented a difficult test. In February 2023, his father suddenly passed away.

<<But now on I will have an extra guardian angel and I'm sure he will make me raise my head once again.>>

Veronica Papa for us is one of the #NotOrdinayMinds, an example of how passion, perseverance and resilience can transform life's challenges into extraordinary opportunities for growth and triumph.

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