Independent Republic is an eclectic, provocative and nonconformist brand, born from a vision by the Designer Domenico Mazzotta .

The vision of the brand

Independent Republic is more than a progressive clothing brand - it's a call to action. Through creative stimuli and cultural remixes it promotes free and independent thought.

We love to mix and reinvent images and iconography, combining meanings to create new identities. Believing that streetwear can be a communication tool, we turn to " not ordinary minds ", true dreamers, free spirits, without cultural boundaries, in the constant search for beauty in art in all its forms; enthusiastic about the cultures of the past, and aware of their importance for building those of tomorrow.  

Mixing is the keyword of this project: art within art, in a potentially infinite cycle. Art is revisited, altered, distorted. The Independent Republic's aim is to propose it again, in different forms, to the new generations, without ever falling into the obvious or the banal.

We collaborate with independent Artists and Designers who share and promote our same thinking.

The launch of the brand

The project, which landed on the web, went viral in just a few days. From that moment Domenico leaves his job as Art Director in the field of communication and decides to found his first brand of clothing and fashion accessories. The mission and values ​​that the brand had to represent were immediately clear, always imprinted in the mind of its creator. That desire for Independence and to dare, break the mold and create a Community that finds itself in the exact same ideals. Today Independent Republic is constantly growing, making a name for itself on the Italian and international market, capturing the attention of art and fashion lovers, and of influencers and personalities from entertainment and sport such as: Alessandro Del Piero (with whom Domenico creates a capsule collection "Legends ") Claudio Marchisio, Rossella Brescia, Giuliano San Giorgi, Rocío Morales, Anfisa Letyago, Maurizio Merluzzo, Moreno, Nyv, Dj Double S, Paolo Ruffini, Giusy Ferreri and many others.

The collaboration with Alessandro Del Piero

Domenico is a football lover, and grew up like millions of kids with the constant figure of his Idol Alessandro Del Piero , Juventus captain. Extraordinary footballer, loved across the board by football fans and an example of stubbornness and elegance on and off the pitch. In June 2020 the brand had been online for less than a year and Domenico received a message: "Alessandro Del Piero" noticed Independent Republic and would like to create a capsule collection with you.

Here, this passage in the history of Independent Republic, although incredible, is the demonstration that dreams can be achieved with stubbornness, dedication and passion.