Independent Republic is an eclectic, provocative and nonconformist brand, born from an idea of the Graphic Designer Domenico Mazzotta.

 Art, Manifesto and "Remix Culture"

Independent Republic is more than a progressive clothing brand - it's a call to action. Through creative stimuli and cultural remixes we promote free and independent thinking.

We love to mix and reinvent images and iconographies, combining meanings giving life to new identities. Believing that streetwear can be a communication tool, we define the our target "not ordinary minds", because made of  true dreamers, free spirits, without cultural boundaries, constantly looking for beauty in art in all its forms; enthusiastic about the cultures of the past, and aware of their importance in building those of tomorrow.  

We collaborate with independent artists and designers who share and promote our own thinking.

The launch of the Brand

The project landed on the web goes viral in a few days. From that moment Domenico leaves his job as Art Director in the field of communication and decides to found his first clothing and fashion accessories brand. Today, the Independent Republic is constantly growing, establishing itself on the Italian and international market, capturing the attention of art and fashion lovers.